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We Survived

by Alexis Montgomery | Score: 3200

The ice was numbing. Freezing. The frosty winds bit my hands and cheeks, and Lila's nose was bright pink. Winter this year was brutal. The worst we'd ever seen before. The nights stretched for what seemed like ages, and each night we huddled close together, waiting till the sun rose to comfort us with what little warmth its rays could offer. 
"Just a little farther, Lila," I hissed through gritted teeth. 
Lila's tiny, frozen fingers gripped numbly at mine, and I helped her over a massive snow drift that must've been piled three feet high. My little sister mumbled an incoherent reply and sniffed loudly. 
Finally I saw our temporary home, hidden behind a cluster of scrawny trees. The shack. A small, rundown pile of wood scraps beat together with nails and vines. I helped Lila onto my back and carried her the rest of the way, but was forced to set her down so that I could pry the boards away from the entrance. Ducking inside, I helped my sister down into the trench-like room. This was once a nursery, I assumed, for the floor was littered with paintbrushes, abandoned drawings, and pencils and notebooks. 
"Here, I'll make breakfast," I said. "Go sit by the firepit and wait for me. Try to warm up."
Lila nodded, then hissed with much pain, "Thanks, Eli."
While Lila sat by the small pit in the center of the room, I scavenged the small cupboards till I found the rusted skillet we had been using to cook food in. From my thick coat, I withdrew the tiny bird's egg I'd found in a nest high up in a tree. It had been a painful ordeal, but it was worth it. Cracking it gently, I let the yolk slide smoothly onto the metal, then took two firewood sticks. It took a long time, but eventually, after rubbing for what seemed like years, the tiniest of sparks flared, and before they diminished, I blew gently on the kindling. We had survi

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