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Alien Stew

by Anonymous | Score: 6150

The ring of the doorbell sounds throughout the house, but nobody comes to answer. The package is left outside of the door, and the floor is stained with blood. Bodies are stacked upon each other, all of them missing one ear and one leg. the aforementioned missing limbs rest in a large pot in which stew is being cooked, the cannibalistic, carnivorous alien being monitoring it very, very closely. It was a mess of bone and muscle and fat, and looked vaguely similar to lamb being cooked. A statue of some deity sat on an altar in the corner, which was where the alien was summoned. It was an accident, of course, and the friendly witch meant no harm to her friends; it was simply a very, very large misunderstanding between her and the universe. Her friend Martin was first, an occupational therapist at the ripe age of 30 who tried to talk the alien down while it was holding the knife to his throat. Up next was Alex, 26, who studied marketing in college, but never put it to good use. He was manipulated into working for a scamming company for years, up until about May of last year. It's a shame that his degree will never be put to good use, but the asshole deserved what was coming to him. Finally, the body on top belonged to Mary, who was the witch's best friend. They'd been inseparable since birth, and the unfortunate situation had left the witch completely broken. She escaped unscathed, only by the hands of the memorized Latin words that would bring her to the middle of Venezuela at any point in time. However, she was caught soon because of her lack of a visa, and resided in prison for the time being. 
As they cooked, the alien wore goggles, stirring vigorously, the stew a deep, bloody red. Clots rested at the top, floating like women in the middle of a pool on a hot day. The smell was gnarly, something that nobody should ever have to experience. The alien, although painted as the antagonist here, was actually just following orders. They didn't enjoy their line of work; rather, they'd been an aspiring pianist when their planet was overtaken by a fascist leader. It was comparable to the holocaust; thousands of their kind were killed off because of facial features; red eyes, green fingers, and navy blue nipples were telltale signs of someone who wouldn't be living very long under the new rule. 
Once the stew was done, the alien sighed, peering over to the bodies in the living room. They, against orders, walked over, grieving the losses they'd caused. They felt bad for the witch, and wish she'd just stayed for the fate of the rest of them; but alas, she would be stuck in her prison cell until the end of time. 

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Begin Start typing to begin
Words Reach 50 words
Event A package is delivered
Letter Use the letter V
Prop Include a statuette
Words Reach 100 words
Event Your character is all alone
Character A slow occupational therapist
Words Reach 200 words
Letter Use the letter L
Character An unpleasant marketing director
Words Reach 300 words
Event Someone goes to prison
Character An independent barbarian
Prop Include a pair of safety goggles
Letter Use the letter N
Prop Include a piano
Event Aliens invade
Words Reach 400 words
Letter Use the letter F

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