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by Annalisetta | Score: 1800

You know that when you see the perfect blue eyes and long blonde hair that forms perfectly into curly locks naturly, that you have seen Cinnamon. All that is seen is not all that is found though, because Cinnamon never ever shows what she really is even though when you know her you can understand why. No one knows that she has a sister named Blossom or that she has a dog named Ivy. No one knows that when she is at home that she cries on her pillow or hugges Ivy untill she falls asleep. Well to be honest the only thing that people know about Cinnamon is that she lives a perfect life where everyone is kind to her. Well thats what they think. Well how do I know? Because I am Blossom, the forgotten one. I don't much mind though, because I don't have to go through what Cinnamon does. Ever scense she lost her best friend, she never took Ivy to the dog park and she stopped having our 

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Begin Start typing to begin
Event A fight breaks out
Character A methodical barbarian
Prop Include a coffee mug
Letter Use the letter I
Words Reach 50 words
Words Reach 100 words

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