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She tore apart the desk's contents, frantically looking for the USB stick with the missing data. 

Yesterday's lunch fork went flying, along with the juice glass and dinner plate. "Just give me a break," she pleaded. "Where did Jerry leave that damn stick?"

"What was that?" Jerry asked, popping his head around the door. "And why is there orange juice everywhere?"

"Nothing," she replied. "Just looking for something is all."

"Have you seen the news?" Jerry inquired. "There was a massive plane crash a half hour ago in London. The internet is all abuzz about it."

She shook her head, wondering what it would take to get him out of her office. "I'll check out the news later," she said. "Big deadline and Zelda needs this done ASAP."

"Roger that," said Jerry, swinging his key chain around his finger. "I'll let you get back to it, then."

She let out a huge sigh as Jerry left. His overzealousness was a bit exhausting at times, especially when she was under the gun.

She moved the zebra stuffy off her monitor to see if it was hidden inside. As she placed the stuffy on her desk, she accidentally knocked over the juice glass, shattering it into thousands of pieces on the hard tile. As she slammed her hand down on the desk in frustration, she landed on the leftover soy sauce packet from last week's sushi, spraying the sticky black liquid everywhere.

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