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A Strange Plane Crash.

by Anonymous | Score: 2850

The plane begin to shake and slide, as the passengers around me started to scream. The intercom overhead came on, and the crackly voice of the pilot came on. He sounded calm, yet I could hear the frantic worry in his voice. 
"All passengers, please remain  seated. Due to circumstances, we will be conducting a emergency landing. Again, all passengers remain seated." 

This didn't do anything for the moral support.  The passengers kept on screaming, and the cries of children were heard. Some were quietly praying, while tears streaked their faces. I myself was clutching my mother's quartz locket  without realizing. A red imprint of a rose had appeared on my palm, and I felt a single tear go down my cheek. So this was how it was going to end, huh? 
I pulled out the wishbone, my niece Alice had given me before I departed. I could still remember her voice telling me the wonders of space, and all the planets that inhabited the solar system. 

I reluctantly broke the wishbone, and wished my last wish. 

Please keep Alice safe. Whoever you are up there. Just keep her and my family safe. 

Then I heard a loud crash, and everything went black. 

My eyes flickered open. A blanket thrown upon me. I yawned groggily, glancing at the nightstand beside the bed. 

In the place of the nightstand, was a dark figure. The figure had a hood on obscuring their face, and a large scythe in hand. 

"Are you Death?" I asked, surprised at the lack of 

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