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When the Clouds Roll In

by Eliza Roberts | Score: 1300

My father chuckled as I told the punch line to my joke. I smiled. I loved to make him laugh. We sat there in peaceful bliss telling each other jokes and just talking. That is until the radio in the corner of the room suddenly changed from mine and my dad's theme song to a breaking news announcement. My dad turned to turn off the radio. We hated these announcements and they usually weren't very important. He reached for the switch when the voice crackling out from the speakers informed everyone that it was necessary to stay inside or risk death. He paused, his finger hovering over the switch. "It has been confirmed that some form of alien craft is approaching the planet", the announcer crackled. My dad flipped the switch. "I thought it would be years from now", my dad whispered to himself in a distant kind of way. "Nima", he continued more audibly this time, "it's time I told you where I came from." He turned to look at me with eyes that pled for me to listen. Then the eyes turned black. His face began to morph. I screamed. 

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Event Aliens invade

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