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The best player

by Nanonater | Score: 1850

Im at a basketball game and suddenly an earthquake hits and i'm on the bench and the coach puts me in because the earthquake mad a number 1 play get hurt. So i am now in the game with 1 minute on the clock we are down 6 and i can bring the team back.So they pass the ball in and then pass it to me.I am going down the court in my zone.The defender comes up to me with intent to steal the ball. Time is going fast,everyone is yelling ,and my very real girlfriend is cheering. I pass the ball,go to the corner and i go for the shot...  AHHHHHH everyone in the stands go crazy as i make a and one three pointer. We are down three.Now shooting free throws i stand as a dull bank clerk waiting for the ball,everyone is quiet so now am shooting like diary of the wimpy kid waiting for my next shot at the free throw line... I make it and everyone is yelling. As i'm going back to defense i look up like a curious astro  its only a 2 point game  

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Event An earthquake hits
Letter Use the letter F
Character A dull bank clerk
Letter Use the letter A
Prop Include a novel

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