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my boss

by me | Score: 1650

There I was at work, the same place I go every day. Ever since my husband dies its been up too mee to make money for me and my son. I work two jobs so I can give him everything he needs and I also need the money for bills and stuff for us to live a good life with a roof over our heads. I have always thought my boss was hot since the moment i started working at my second job, but little did I know that he was also eyeing me. After my shift was done i started packing all of my things and I was heading towards the door when my boss stopped me. He thanked me for staying a little later than usual. Then he asked me if we could go get coffee sometime, I told him that I would think about it. Too be honest after my husband passed away I haven't been with another person, I didn't know if I was ready yet. I got into my car and started driving to my sons daycare I had told the lady that I was going to be a bit late today, she said i t was alright because she knew about my situation. I picked my son up and I asked him how his day was, he told me how he met this boy, he said he wanted to befriend him and he asked me for advise on how he should approach him. I was in no place to give him advise ab  

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