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Which Way Is Up?

by Miz Marsh | Score: 1600

you hear a huge crashing noise outside your bedroom. You jolt up and grab your cellphone and switchblade you keep on your nightstand. "There it is again! What the hell??" You toss on your house slippers and walks slowly towards your bedroom door. You began to reach for it but something or someone tells you softly "let...me...in" You snatch your hand away from the knob while holding your breath. "Come...to...the...door...." the whisper tickles your ear as if they are behind you. You raise your hand to the knob as your head begins to throb. As if your fighting back subconsciously!! You keep fighting the urge to open it! It's like a magnetic pull of your soul to the door! You think fast and begin to stab your arm to shake yourself of this pull and it works!! You fall back to the ground on your butt and scramble to the window to escape but the room! It...changed?? It changed from a bedroom to a dungeon in seconds?! You gather your thoughts and walk toward the dingy room door. Before you can touch it, you mind goes dark and you hear multiple groans and cries for help. You hold your ears closed and just pray it stops. Your he

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