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No one heard her at all. She was crying and screaming and yelping like a dog, but no one seem to understand what she was saying. 
"PLEASE!! SOMEONE!!" Everyone in the village was starting to hear this phrase being repated for minutes on end with the sound of the girl's feet hitting the floor as she ran. No one thought twice to help her or ask her what was wrong. Nothing was chasing her, no other noises were heard. Just the girl. As we all watch the lady run and cry for her life, she suddenly stops in her tracks and takes a breath of air. "It-It's...IT'S HERE!" She then announced. Everyone looked around but no one saw a thing out in the open. "Has this girl gone mad? What in the name could she be seeing?" We all look around and as people walk past her, they stare, knowing she was crazy.

I tried out for the cheer team when everyone told me not to. Nothing they could say would change my mind. I knew the coach was so lazy and unmotivated, but I thought I would have an easier chance of making her team because shes my homeroom teacher. I was wrong. I tried out and did better than everyone there, but Coach M still didn't bother to look up from her phone and acknowledge me. She told me I didn't make the cut because my hair wasn't like everyone else's. I had to be blonde... and I had just died my hair purple for fun. I was devastated and should have listened to the people trying to hold me back.

My dad sat there with the look of "I'm disappointed and will never forgive you." look towards me. "What did I even do?" I asked my father, confused. "You just think you can walk into this house with any boy you want and you expect me to not care?" He yelled. He knew everyone I brought to the house and loved them. "Dad, who are you-" "DON'T 

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