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Separated at the Future

by Stanley Brownstone | Score: 2350

they head out west of new foundland slowly through the rural darkness keeping their speed down around thirty miles per hour on their hoverboards. the four lanes of interstate 205 are littered with abandoned cars and trucks as the macadamian nuts snakes toward the sickly pink and blue glow of the western australia horizon where the city-state awaits a new day as the moone rises like the two men are suffering a bruise of light  
they are forced to weave and bob and weave againg throught the obstacles obstacle course while standing on their hoverboards. the obstacle course of wrecks are with agonizing slowness for them but they would manage to put nearly five miles behind the behind them before things a start to get wrong. in other words that would be her. a young girl name jane steelheart avpoiding senseless slaughter by facing her foes with a pair of wings aND a prayer to get home safe by defeating the two men. 
you swore there would be no other apocalypse like the one we hope it won't fail this time. saID one hoverboard man. and here we are again and it killls me tpo how you would dig dpown your mercy upon her but you had to unpoison me and tell me what for i'm only wearing crabgrass green after all the beating she gave both of us. just by experiencing things that could go wrong again is this my missing body or are rthese your pixelated limbs along with your liquid crystal eyes staring up at me please tell me 
where the day ends we draw the line this time. and all night all day i'll watch the building burn down to the bone as if there was no one who would start the fire. and from the insid

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