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by Davon Kelly | Score: 1650

"This perceger can kill you, Are you sure you want to go through with it." she ask. I know the cost of this but I know we need someone to be strong, someone to protect us, some to protect her. "Yes, I'm not afraid" I told her. She put her palm on the side of my check and staired at me with those beautiful brown eyes with tears within them, I  rested my hand on her wrist an then I closed my eyes,I didn't want her to see me cry. "I am, I love you too much to see choose death" she said with pain in her voice.  Silence arouse for a while then I opened my eyes and kissed her while feeling on her waist.  "I love you to, much to let death take me so soon" I said "THEN DON'T" she shirk with a glishing waterfall from those eyes I love so much. I roved her beauifl brown skin to her black hair. 

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