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A Dark Secret of Tales

by Aeralyn | Score: 1250

Darkness fell over the forest. Happiness drifted away as the friends had no where to sleep during the cold, dangerous and spooky night.  The youngest, Kale was already drifting off, his legs trailing behind him, barely able to lift one up. Soon enough, they found an abandoned den. Maybe a  fox, maybe a badger. But the scent was stale, and it's hard to know when a den has been long not used. Especially this one. 

A prod to the stomach by Berry awoke Kale. As Kale lifted up his head, he could only see shadows. Berry sounded alarmed, and Kale could sense fear coming of the older raccoon's breath. "Your eyes!" he said in alarm. "They're so foggy and blue! You can't be blind!" he said. But Kale already knew that he was. 

As Kale leaned on Berry's shoulder, desperate to be guided through the rough and dark forest, full of obstacles, he could sense that his companion was weakening, getting more tired with every step. Then, at that moment, Kale fell, 

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