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What I Know

by Alexis Montgomery | Score: 3350

Dad's crying again. Crying. Just him. Just salty tears running down his face, through the wrinkled crevices in his face. Though he's only 38 years old, time has hardened him into who he is today. He's a builder, a carpenter, and his work toughened his hands till they were as hard as sun-worn leather. He cries today because he has just heard the news. The news that changes everything. My younger brother, the only reminder left of his beloved wife, died from the same mysterious illness that ravaged my mother weeks before. I feared this would happen; we both did, but we never spoke of it, not even when the first symptoms began to show. How could we force that upon my 6-year-old sibling? I play with a soy sauce packet that was abandoned on the kitchen counter, sort of like me. Dad's never really paid attention to me, despite the fact that we see each other dozens of times in the quiet rooms of the Palm Shack, my mother's restaurant. I've started working there because I know how much Dad doesn't want to sell the place, and lately he's been visiting after the diner closes, probably to be as close as he can to Mom. I look out the foggy window at the drifting mist outside. It's dreary today; damp and cold like our feelings. Though I share Dad's remorse over losing both my mom and my brother in a matter of weeks, I don't cry. Not anymore. I haven't shed a tear the past few days because I know how this story ends. It happens all the time. And because I know, I know that someone will need to plan ahead. Someone will need to care for the both of us. And I know who it will be. Me. Always me. Dad is too mournful. Maybe he'll fall into depression I don't know. All I know is what I know. 

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Character A somber builder
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Prop Include a soy sauce packet
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