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The New Boy

by Laraine Blythe | Score: 2050

Maggie Scott sat at the picnic table with her two best friends, Elizabeth Scout and Margaret Jones. The friends were giggling over the new boy at school.  Margaret and Elizabeth have already seen him and found him very cute, but Maggie thought that he sounded like a pretty boy. "Oh my God!!!!" Elizabeth squealed, "There he is!!" Maggie's best friend shook her arm in delight. Mags looked over he shoulder and saw a very handsome boy. His appearance was spectacular. He had dirty blonde hair, olive skin, beautiful yellowish blue eyes, freckles, and he wore boot cut jeans with a  red T - shirt. Maggie felt her heart melt and she made a dreamy look. "Oooh Mags got a crush on James!!" James and some of his new friends started walking toward them. "Hey Margaret," One of the older boys speed walked to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek and hugged her shoulders. "You didn't text me last night." "Yeah I know I'm sorry Noah, I had a game last night." Noah kissed her lips this time, "That's all good. How'd you do?" As Margaret and her boyfriend talked she saw that James had taken a s pot next to her

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