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by Anonymous | Score: 1600

This is the last call. One more stop until home finds my feet once again meandering amidst the towers of forgotten mess I once thought important. So much rain recently. The cars lean and groan through the final turns before the straight shot out of the metro, streaks of rain racing across the window like so many stars unnoticed. By the end of this line, the best parts of you will have been forgotten. How quickly that change takes place, the realization of my egocentric gaze stark against the steaming side streets streaking past. Amidst the trash bundled at the margins of the seats sit hominid husks slowly emulsifying, a man fighting the wind with words lost on the modern ear, another with the cut of a dull aromatherapist mindlessly fingering the bangle bracelet meant for some other wrist. What once was a map now conveys a cryptic colloquial message that, after midnight, this car is no place to be. Welcome to The Zoo they say to strangers who track the GPS closer than warning signs of their last wrong turn.

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Words Reach 50 words
Letter Use the letter B
Words Reach 100 words
Character A dull aromatherapist
Prop Include a bangle bracelet
Prop Include a map

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