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Before... Part 8

by April | Score: 2650

I was surprised to see my dad sitting in front of the principle. He got up as soon as he saw me and gave me a big hug. "April! Oh, I've missed you so much!" he said in his fake excited voice. I held back a gag. His breath stunk of beer. He had been gone for nearly a month and returned now? To make matters worse, he was drunk!
  "Hey, Dad," I said trying to act cheerful that he was there. In reality, him being there was the last thing I wanted. I had really been hoping it was my brother who was here. He would not only defend me, but scare the principle enough to let me go without punishment. I would even be happy with Mom being here! Of course, I would be in big trouble, but at least she would understand. Dad was a different story. He wouldn't vouch for me at all. Instead, he would side with the principle and then I'd be in big trouble. And when I say big trouble, I mean big trouble.
  "Please, take a seat," the principle ordered. My dad and I sat next to each other, but I tried to scooch away from him and towards the small table with pudding cups that the principle kept for the younger kids. Like, when they cry for help, he always stops what he's doing and runs out to give them a container of pudding. Suddenly, an idea came to mind. I knew what I was going to do to avoid trouble. Or cause more of it. Either way, this was gonna be fun.

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Event Someone cries for help

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