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Aura slogged through the deep snow, her arms tucked tight to her sides, her hat tugged down under the hood of her parka. This was a snowstorm and a half!
Aura squinted through the darkness. Now, her house should be... that way? Suddenly, she realized that she didn't know which way it was to home.
"Oh, well," Aura said to herself, shrugging.
A man's voice behind her startled her. "If I may be of assistance?"
"Jeez, you scared me!" Aura said, chuckling a little. Then she jumped again as she felt something warm against her lower leg. She looked down to discover a small dog leaning against her, chewing on her shoelaces.
"Hey! Stop that, puppy!" Aura said, gently shaking her shoe. "Can you get him to stop?" she asked the man.
"Oh, yes, sorry about him. Don't worry, he's just a puppy, he can change." the man said, bending over.
As he knelt down to talk to the dog, a card flittered out of his pocket. Gunner Blao, Property Developer.
As she looked up again, she saw the man putting a leash on the dog. "So, do you need help?" Gunner asked.
Aura looked at him, and thought about the card. could she trust him? She had heard so many stories about girls getting kidnapped or worse in these storms. But this man seemed nice enough.
"Yes, that would be wonderful, I just need a ride to the nearest town, only a few minutes drive."
"Wonderful!" Gunner said. He walked over to his car with the puppy in tow, and unlocked the doors. Aura got in the back, and the puppy got in the front side door. The door slammed as Gunner got in the drivers seat.
Later that night, as she fell into bed, she reache

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Begin Start typing to begin
Location A snowstorm
Letter Use the letter I
Words Reach 50 words
Words Reach 100 words
Character An even-tempered property developer
Sentence "He can change."
Words Reach 200 words
Prop Include a bed
Words Reach 300 words

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