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The Aliens' Invasion

by Silver Arrow | Score: 4200

The day the aliens came was the worst - no, best - day of my life. No, it was the most interesting day of my life. 

I'm an aircraft engineer. I suppose I should tell you my name. I'm Arena. My hobbies are flying and drinking coffee - my coffee mug is bright red, with swirly blue designs. I don't know why I'm telling you this.

The day before the aliens were confirmed, a bank was robbed. Well, that was going to happen any day. The bank was owned by a distant person, who used to be a bailiff, until they tired of it. For some reason, they were always seen with a banana. 

Well, I saw the bank robbed. Cloaked people swarmed in and then darted out, carrying large bags, an with bulging pockets. 

But I couldn't report it - I was so surprised I crashed my airplane - because I had seen a green tentacle sticking out of a hood. I just had time to get my mug and computer out when the smoke covered the scene.

But I didn't have to report it. A theater director had been on a break, and saw it. They reported it. 

But I had soon forgotten the bank robbery. A handyman's dog had been 

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