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Before... Part 4

by April | Score: 3850

It seemed like everything was going fine until...
  "Hey, loser," Belle said stepping between me and my locker. I groaned.
  "Seriously, Belle? I have to get to class. What do you want?" I asked.
  "I want you to apologize," Belle answered crossing her arms.
  "Fine." I used my most sincere voice to say, "I'm sorry I got here on time and was able to take the test before you. I'm sorry the fog showed up just so you could crash. I'm sorry you got sent to the principle's office because of your rage."
  Belle growled. "That, is not an apology!"
  I shrugged. "Sounded sincere to me. Now, please get out of the way and let me get to my locker."
  "Sorry, but I'm not moving until the bell rings," Belle answered.
  I'd had enough. This time, both my body and brain agreed. I shoved Belle to the side a bit more roughly than I'd wanted to.
  "Excuse you?" she asked. Then, she shoved me with so much force, I tumbled to the floor and dropped my books.  "Awww. She can't get up. Poo hoo."
  By now, there was a crowd gathered around us, but I didn't care. I spied a kid eating a banana as I flung myself on top of Belle. My rage was all it took for a fight to start. As if on cue, I heard police sirens blaring in the distance. My brain was working on private sound effects. In my head, I heard a cat yowl and even glass shatter.

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