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Opposition of Reality

by Sunny | Score: 7250

That's when it happened. The walls and ground started to shake my heart jumped up into my throat. I've been through these before, so what was so different? In all honesty, I had no idea. I would guess that this earthquake was even lesser than the last. Why was this happening to me what was going on? I heard a smash in the kitchen, I wobbly ran over, my mom had dropped a bottle of syrup. She looked at me, the fear in her eyes clearly visible. She rushed me out, leaving my father inside. 
"Mother what about my father?!" 
"Don't you remember? He's in jail!"
Know I knew, I had switched realities, how? Don't ask me. But there was one more question that needed to be answered.
"Why is father in jail?"
"Because he killed your sister, remember?!"
"My sister? I never had a sister."

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