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The Golfer and the Mysterious Note.

by Michelle Minor | Score: 1650

Golf was on Mr. Jones' mind when he arose on Saturday morning. His first thought was to play golf at his favorite place near the East side of the neighborhood where he lives. As he was on the course, a huge storm developed. After missing three consecutive putts, he finally made a shot after focusing on hitting the ball into the hole. A note reading "it is required of you" hit him in the face as he walked to retrieve his ball from the hole. With no further thought, he tossed it aside,  picked up his golfing gear, and headed home. After all, a huge storm was brewing. Upon arriving at his house, he almost stepped on a syringe on the way inside. When he got inside the house, he heard a loud smack on the glass near the door he had just entered Squinting, he realized that it was the same note that hit him on the golf course. In shock, he grabbed it and tossed it in the grass, and walked back inside. As he got ready for bed after the storm calmed down, he found the same note that he had tossed aside right next to his bedside. He was even more nervous and shocked this time, and he couldn't figure out where and why the letter kept appearing. 

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