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SuperDeck Shennanigans

by Julia | Score: 4450

SuperDeck was relatively empty for a supermarket just before a football game weekend. Particularly considering it was in a town full of college students eager to relieve the stress of classes for a couple days. However, it was rather convenient for one Adrienne Walker. 

Sunlight filtered through the large glass windows mostly empty of posters, falling onto the rows of snacks, drinks, and other various "necessities," as SuperDeck loved to advertise. Though Adrienne wasn't really sure that that rolls of masking tape were necessities.  

Adrienne purused the aisles idly. She wasn't really shopping. She was waiting for someone.

And there they were. She spotted Jameson's signature baseball cap through a pyramid of soda cans and made her way over to him.

Without much introduction - after all, what was the point? - she said, "So. Do you have it?"

He jumped. She wasn't particularly surprised. Turning, Adrienne could already see that he looked nervous. That didn't bode well.

"Er. Hi, Adrienne. How- uh, how are you?"

She rolled her eyes. "Come on. It's a simple question. Yes or no, do you have it?"

"I... I, uh." Jameson scratched at his arm awkwardly. A nearby shopper - a roofer, from the looks of the uniform they were wearing - glanced over curiously. Adrienne aimed a glare in their direction, and they hurriedly scurried away. 



She wasn't suprised. She really wasn't. Adrienne had known since the beginning that Jameson wasn't particularly reliable. She had collaborated with him (in the barest sense of the word) for his skill set, not for the fact that he was trustworthy.

But even so.

"You will take the fall for this," she hissed. More to scare him than anything else. 

His face paled. He really did scare pretty easily. She supposed that that made it easier to deal with him. Perhaps she could find a way to use that to her advantage, if she didn't decide to drop him. 

Jameson shuffled his feet. "It's, erm, rather warm in here, isn't it? It's too warm, yes. Far too warm. You know, I should probably go outside. To, uh, cool off. That sounds li

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Letter Use the letter S
Prop Include a roll of masking tape
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Character A curious roofer
Event An important deal falls through
Sentence "You will take the fall for this."
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Letter Use the letter P
Sentence "It's too warm."

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