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the butten

by ur mom | Score: 6100

i had a shirt button that had no reason to be on a shirt or on a hat or something because it did not fit at all. every time I tried to attach it there was a short scream from the button and it popped out of my hand. I wondered if there was a person on the button because obviously, it couldn't have been that delivery person that yelled at me, he was in the back. I took the button to my nearest time-traveling building and stepped through to the year 1600 because I was sure there was someone here that could help me sew this stupid button on. Why was there a time machine? Well its a long story so wonky that it makes no sense. anyway when I got there, it was a madhouse because of the lottery that was going on. a dull careers adviser was talking so loud it made me puke. i covered my ears and rushed far away to the nearest computer. when I got there, I found out my butten was lost so while I looked, I had to also hear where it was because of all the yelling that was going on in the button. but when I found it it had changes from green to purper so curious. i put it into a container of pudding. I finally found the artistic astronamer and he said the butten was earth and there was a really bad chance that I would ruin the earth butten by making it go poof from exestiance. after that I made sure to treat to carefully until I was struck blind. then I lost it and had to look "blindly" for it. i think I may have stepped on it a few times because a curater of the independ type found it and said it was very squished. No yelling came from the button, and that was bad, so I slept in my bed for a few days and forg

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Event The air turns black all around
Begin Start typing to begin
Prop Include a shirt button
Letter Use the letter O
Words Reach 50 words
Character A quarrelsome delivery driver
Words Reach 100 words
Event Your character travels into the future
Letter Use the letter W
Event Someone wins the lottery
Prop Include a computer
Character A dull careers advisor
Words Reach 200 words
Prop Include a container of pudding
Character An artistic astronomer
Letter Use the letter R
Event Your character goes blind
Words Reach 300 words
Character An independent curator
Prop Include a bed

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