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Starlight burst behind her eyes. Lyra felt the earth beneath her shudder. Something was wrong. She stopped in her tracks; lungs constricting.

Lyra could not see.

The white that had pervaded her sight so suddenly stayed. Something was wrong.

When Lyra would get glimpses of the Skies - visions from the Stars that guided her and her people for millennia - it was not uncommon to get bursts of bright light. Warm, comforting. The stars as they were - reaching out to their children with what energy they could muster. The energy would escape them somehow - be it stardust escaping the child's breath, or light running across their vision like a meteor shower.

This light was bright, and suffocating. She was drowning. Bad, it was all bad. Wrong. Something - 

Something was -

"Cian," she gasped; hands uselessly reaching out into the air - palms out like a prayer. A plea. "Cian," she repeated again; brain useless. Eyes useless. Hands grasping at nothing. "I - I can't."

It was hard to hear Cian over the thunder that was her heart against her ribs. It was difficult to breathe. She couldn't see. It had never happened this way. Why couldn't she see? Cian was speaking to her. She couldn't hear. She felt his hands on hers, maybe. 

She couldn't see.

"You're okay, it's okay. Lyra, look at me."

Lyra took a single, shaking breath. "I can't," she whispered. "I can't."

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