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Last Man standing

by Anonymous | Score: 2200

The world is stlll, nothing is moving , no one is here, the earth is empty. For years now I have lived alone, with the fear of what will happen next. I have no protection from this sinister act which has brought upon death.

Around ten years ago, on MArch elenth, 1941, a meteor hit the earth. It killed everyone in its site except me.

I was hidden. For i had known that this event would come and prepared for it. I tried to warn others but no one listened. As i kept trying to convince and warn others they soon came to a realization that i was crazy. I am not. For what they don't known is that i can tell the future. 

So on March 11th, when everyone was goofing around I was hidden away in my underground bunk preparing for the worst. I grab all my safety gear and clothed myself in what I need. My oversized gown and safety goggles. For hours i lay on the ground of my bunker waiting and waiting, and finally, it happened.

I had heard I loud bang and for a second a collage of screams. Then everything went silent.

I did not rush to come out of my bunker for i knew what happened. I waited. When i was ready i climbed out.

The entire earth had been flattened. I was the last man standing.

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