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Short autobiography of Caldrie Q.

by Anonymous | Score: 2350

My name is Caldrie Quilana. I'm 12 years old and live in the town of Iselgilde. While I am confident and optimistic, I won't tell you that I can do anything because I believe in such notions as gravity, weight ratios and fate. I want to earn money because money is just a great thing to have. I love the part of Iselgilde just beyond where I live: where the roofs are burgundy at dusk and rose-gold at dawn. My idea for a courier service was born from my love of weaving in and around crowds, sneaking into places that present a challenge, going into the cracks that no one else can fit in and exploring the nooks and crannies that might hide wondrous things. I'm bold because I haven't failed yet, or at least received harsh consequences. Monsters abound outside the city walls, and mercenaries fester within it. That's the bad part of town that my parents say I should never go in. I'm tempted to place one foot over that border, then quickly pull it back out again. Or rush onto a risky scene, grab a souvenir and speed back to safety. The rush and thrill of certain dangers are a pleasure to me. Though I will go to great lengths to get my way, and am creative in making my own dreams come true, I don't really like the grimness of a warriors path. I take no pleasure in killing things, and have no stomach for the toils and travails of battle. If I was ever in a fight, I would try my hardest to survive and get out of there. I would try help others, but at as little cost to myself as possible. My faults that I recognize, and minimally at that, are treating danger as a challenge to be overcome, disrespecting rules, and disregarding people's concerns as them just underestimating me. I usually know when I'm being baited, but I can't help trying to accomplish that thing and simultaneously turn the tables on whoever is doubting me to spite them. I enjoy physical challenges, so long as they aren't repetitive: endurance is not one of my strengths. Though my growing family is bursting at the seams of our city plot, our small patch of earth seems to hold many possibilities of interest and entertainment, and I have spent hours looking for potential in every inch of it. And though I don't know it, the rising houses and walls that tower over me make me feel safe and looked out for, like they are watching and will support me. In an open field, I feel small, vulnerable and weak, like all my efforts are meaningless. My spirit of self-dependence and sufficiency arises from a few tales told around the fire on stormy nights; tales of heroes who took advantage of every detail this plentiful world had to offer them, and who gained great treasure by their determination and integrity, which I see as general competence. 

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