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My Real Life VII

by April | Score: 4100

  Almost immediatly, my uncle replied. It took me a few minutes, but when I figured out the code, it said, "Don't move. I'm coming to get you." Then, he sent in another one. "How do you make a baby stop crying?" Since this one hadn't been in code, I replied in normal english. "Does the baby have a plushie of some sort?"
"A dog," came the reply. I chuckled. I loved my uncle, but sometimes he was oblivious. "Give them the dog plushie!" I texted.
  I waited. My uncle hadn't replied after that, so I decided to play the piano for a while. I had been tutored by the best to play the piano, but today, I couldn't get the notes right. The thought of important data being stolen didn't leave my head. I remembered last time it had happened, my uncle said half of the world's population could've died. Finally, I left the piano and searched inside a hidden storage in the wall.
  "Yes!" I thought. Inside, was the last of my halloween candy which I'd had to hide from my father. Throughout the year, I ate it carefully. I wanted it to last as long as possible. I threw the candy wrapper on the ground and heard my father's voice in my head.
  "Young lady! Trash does not belong on the floor! Pick it up immediately! Go throw it away where it belongs and wash your hands afterwards!" it said.
  I rolled my eyes. I was a few miles away from my father and I could still hear his voice. However, I did pick up the trash. I rolled it into a ball and took a few steps away from the trash can I had put in the room. Of course, the distance wasn't very big, but I still overreacted and celebrated when I made it in. As I calmed down, I thought about my aunt. She was now deaf and I hadn't even cared to call.
  I quickly picked up my phone and searched through my contacts until I found her name. I hesitated. She hadn't been too eager to hear from me last time we talked. Would my call make her feel worse? 

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Begin Start typing to begin
Event A baby cries
Letter Use the letter C
Words Reach 50 words
Prop Include a plush dog
Words Reach 100 words
Letter Use the letter H
Event Important data is stolen
Words Reach 200 words
Prop Include a candy wrapper
Words Reach 300 words
Event Your character goes deaf
Letter Use the letter T

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