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The tales of Bryce

by Bryce Armstrong | Score: 2650

Oh man that was amazing dream, I just woke up saving someone in my city from falling of a building! My name is Bryce Armstrong, I live to protect my city in New York.  I have powers and some may call me a superhero, I fight crime helping the people in my city stay safe.  I am currently suffering heart failure due  to my last fight against the evil scientist who put a toxic gas in my body.  It causes the heart to stop, it takes about a month for it to fully kick in and kill you.  I am about 3 weeks in and have about a week and a half left.  I want to save to those in my city for the longest time possible until it's the end of my run.  My powers have a mixture of having super speed and having a really big brain.  I have invented many gadgets to help me throughout my fights.  I have a grappling hook and stun grenades to cause my enemies to get off guard and then I swoop in and help the citizen. I had fought off the evil scientist as he is now in jail after I  beat him and the police took him in to a cell in jail made of see through titanium.   I am trying to create a cyrum that will allow me to survive my wound but the toxic is very powerful and I don't think I will come up with an anti-toxic remover.  I had notes on ways to create the cyrum but another enemy stole them thinking they were plans on beating him.  I have a whip that is used to swipe the citizens to fre

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Event Your character wakes up with a start
Event Important data is stolen
Prop Include a whip

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