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The eye of the peacock

by Grant Mills | Score: 2600

His vision swam walking down the cobblestone streets of Fernandina Beach. "I haven't even started drinking yet", he muttered to himself as he stumbled down towards the music spilling out of the Palace Saloon.
Looking left towards the one way street he was crossing he was shocked to see a
peacock standing in the center of the road. The light glittered off a bronze bangle dangling from its beak. Its tail feathers fluttered and his vision blurred again. This time it lasted longer and he thought he might pass out.
"Boy, if that don't beat all."
He turned back towards the saloon.
The word was heard in his head but not through his ears. "What?", he asked outloud.
The peacock shimmied its feathers again and stepped tenuously forward. It seemed to be motioning toward him with the bangle.
"You want me to take that?", he asked the bird.
"Take it. And rest."
He approached cautiously and retrieved the bronze bangle from the bird's mouth.
"Put it on", he heard in his head.
"I ain't puttin' on some women's jewelry cause some blue chicken told me to.", he replied to the bird.
The peacock tilted its head and shook its feathers. His vision swam so much that it went dark for the briefest of moments. Multicolored dots swam before his eyes as the trees and buildings righted themselves. He looked up at the blue sky. The blue head of peacock appeared in his vision. It was standing on his chest as he lay flat in the middle of the street.
"Put it on", the peacock whispered in his mind.
"You go to hell devil turkey!", he said swatting the bird off his chest.
As he started to get up he heard the swish of the peacock's tail feathers. A feeling of dread creeping up inside of him.
"No, no, nooo, noo, no", he tried to exclaim, but it was too late. His vision blackened. He no longer felt his body. His sense of self and thought fading out gently.

The peacock snapped from its daydream. Exercising a confused, "Caaaaw?" and shaking its plumage freely it looked around it's pen. What is that shiny thing in the corner?

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