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How long had it been? 
It felt like years since he had last lay his head to rest and shut his eyes, drifting to the dreamscape. Dreaming now seemed like such a strange concept, why couldn't he just sleep?
Laying in bed and doing nothing but staring at the ceiling, watching the colours swirl behind his sore eyes and create strange patterns didn't do it for him either. So what was he supposed to do?
He got up, why lay there wallowing when he could wallow whilst walking about the room seeing what hallucinations his sleep-deprived mind decided to project.

Stopping in the kitchen of the open plan apartment he had only just bought recently, he leant against the counter palms flat against the marble surface. Thinking about it, this had all started when he first moved in. Was it something about this apartment? Was that why it was so cheap for a loft with a beautiful view? 

Shaking his head, he turned around and threw open a cupboard taking out a pot noodle. Might as well eat, to take his mind off of it. He peeled open the cup and stared at the rock hard noodles waiting for warm water, removing the packet of soy sauce and reaching over to the kettle he stopped suddenly. Sighing. He hadn't slept in days and here he was trying to, take his mind off it, by making noodles when really he should be seeing a doctor.

Nodding slowly, he went back to his bedroom and changed out of his bed clothes. Attaching a key chain to the clip on his jeans, the keys made a jangling noise as he attempted to pull on a pair of shoes and make his way out of the door.

He jogged down the stairs of the apartment and out to the car park, unlocking the car before he had even gotten there. Once inside, he inserted the key and started the ignition, pulling out of the lot and onto the road. The traffic wasn't too dense for a Friday, but this was New York so his version of dense traffic and someone else's may be completely different.

Waiting behind a few cars for the lights to change, he began to feel his eyes droop. What? But he hadn't been able to sleep so why was he suddenly sleepy now? And in the middle of a busy road. Inhaling sharply he slapped himself in the cheek and continued forward as the cars in front began to move. He got no warning. One second he was staring at a car infront of him and the next his eyes were snapping open and everything was upside down, pain flaring in his side. 

His windscreen had shattered and the airbag had deployed, there was a faint ringing in his ears. Turning his head ever so slightly he could make out someone, a large man, being arrested, sent to prison? Likely. Why? Thunder crackled outside and he realized it was raining, a storm, someone's voice caught his attention.

"Sir? Sir, stay still, you were in an accident. We're going to help you. You're going to be ok."

The world went dark.

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Event Your character hasn't slept in days
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Event Someone goes to prison
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Event There is a great storm

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