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"Well now, are you interested in becoming a Turning Block?" The tall boy asks, a sly grin on his face. William tilts his head to the side, a confused look on his face.

"A 'Turning Block'?"

"Yes silly, we're the Turning Blocks of the English staircase."

William stares. The boys stared back. That's when he realized, they were being serious. But in all things good was a "Turning Block"?

One of the boys chuckles at William's silence and steps forward, extending his hand. 

"I'm Alexander, and we all know who you are," He smiles, a cool and mysterious one. William slowly takes his hand, "Nice to meet you, mister Alexander."

The bell tower makes it apparent that the boys mustn't be out and about at this hour. In fact, if they didn't leave just then, they'd be late to supper. 

Alexander looks in the direction of the bell tower and sighs, removing his hand from William. He nods to the tall boy behind him and turns his attention back to the newcomer. 

"One would think it's in their best interest to stick with us, as we are quite popular with the teachers and could excuse you for being late to supper," He looks amused as  he says this, bringing a shade of pink to William's face.

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