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The mystery dream

by Alina | Score: 850

On a dark Sunday a Boy  names Josh go out with his dog. 
Suddenly a men with a sack hide out of a tree and kidnap the boy. 
A bit later James woke up at a dark cave and he felt very bad. 
Then another men comes and told to James. 
,,Hello my name is Albert, you are James right ? I think you wonder why you are here, but I couldn’t say you this right now.‘‘
Albert turn back and close the door. 
James is a bit scared and screamed. 
Then a misters women comes out of the door. 
,,Hello my name is Angi, I hope you are fine James. 
You are the chosen ones, you are an magical boy. You can travel at the Time.
And the rest of your Family too. But you have to watch out.
There are 3 boys in mistery clothes, they want to have your magical forces.
The Woman is awes with a ,,boom“. 
A bit laterJames here the voice of his mom and the saied: ,,James woke up, you have to go to school.“ 
James woke up, and get ready. 

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