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Slave Of Dusk

by Brynlee | Score: 2600

I heard a knock at the door. I opened it and saw a letter. "Who was it?" My older brother said, coming down the stairs. "Tubbo, "  I said, closing the door and hiding the letter. He rolled his eyes and went back upstairs. I went into the bookstore and opened the letter.

I'm sorry but we can't be friends anymore. Our friendship, it's over.  I wish there was something I could do but there's nothing.  Again I'm sorry.
Your Tubbo

I leaned back in my chair trying not to cry. How could he do this?!?! He broke the deal we had made when we were 7!!!  I sunk down lower in my bean bag chair, wanting to disappear. "Hey Tommy you ok?" Dream said, going behind the counter. I shook my head no because it was the truth. He sat down next to me and put his arm over my shoulder. "What's wrong??" I told him everything. He ran his fingers through my hair and sighed. "Hey, it'll be ok. Trust me when I say things like this are normal." I leaned into him and started crying. He 

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Begin Start typing to begin
Event A mysterious letter arrives
Words Reach 50 words
Words Reach 50 words
Location A bookstore
Sentence "It's over."
Event An important deal falls through
Words Reach 100 words

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