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Treading mistakes

by Bonk | Score: 1600

The wind shrieks a terrifying blow upon your back. Feet blistering and aching, it feels like you’ve been walking for miles now. Your lanterns light surely won’t last forever, you’re determined to find shelter somewhere before it grows to an unbearable climate. 
The snow, purest of whites, continues to fall all around you. It’s… peaceful. 
Up ahead, just over the nearest mound, you spy what appears to be an inn. Even from such a distance you can feel the warmth of the people, laughter and drinking. 
It beckons you forth.. and you listen. 
Beginning to tread faster, desperately clutching your lantern by your side; you finally step over the snowy hill and peer down below. A somewhat steep walk down the trail and you’ll be met with a cozy place to rest your beating head. 
As you walk, you begin to question if this journey was worth it all. Running away from your village, perusing the life of adventure. You had lost so much by simply removing your helm that day. 
Though I guess now’s not the time for panicking about that sort of thing.
Approaching the door, you’re blasted with the smell of a feast- from bread to meat 

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