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The day the sky fell

by Ginnylee | Score: 1450

What was THAT? I couldn't decide if I'd heard a gunshot or an explosion or ...??? The dogs were barking their heads off. I grabbed the biggest thing I could find -- a large industrial-sized flashlight by the door(don't judge me, I wasn't thinking too clearly) and went outside to investigate. 
Nothing seemed amiss outside...I cautiously walked around to the back of the house, inspecting the whole house generator that kept us in heat and light when the power was shut off ( a fairly regular occurrence in this area); it seemed fine. I was so focused on inspecting the areas around the house itself, I almost tripped over the painting equipment I had left in the breezeway, intending to clean the roller and  paintbrush a little more thoroughly yesterday but ... well, they were going in the trash, now. 
Did I REALLY hear something? I asked myself. but -- the digs were BARKING. So.. what the heck was it?

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