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Coffee Talk

by Anonymous | Score: 5850

The smell of roasted coffee hit her as soon as she walked through the door. She closed her eyes, inhaling deeply with a joyous feeling. The soft piano music tinkled in the background, creating a cozy, calming atmosphere.

As she moved towards the counter, her arm was jostled by a man rushing past her. She immediately recognized the cranky-looking grey-haired man from her building: he always got off the elevator on the seventh floor, at the software consulting firm offices.

She shook her head, only briefly allowing this minor annoyance to permeate her good mood. What did it matter if this jerk felt he was more important than everyone else? She was mere moments away from dark-roasted heaven in a cup.

As she approached the counter, the barista gave her a quick wink as a greeting. Daily visits for 5 straight years definitely had some perks, and being on a first-name basis with all the staff meant she was guaranteed the freshest coffee every single time.

The grey-haired man turned around to stare. Uneasy, she looked behind her to see if there was something catching his eye, but when she faced him again, his gaze locked with hers.

"I pushed right past you, didn't I?" he asked. "I'm very sorry; I was distracted this morning. Can I please buy you an apology coffee?"

She was taken aback. She silently nodded, trying to come up with a polite thing to say to this man that she had only ever griped about before.

"What'll you have?" he inquired.

"Extra-large dark roast, single cream, right, Annie?" the barista smirkingly replied.

She felt her blush explode over her cheeks, mutely nodding. The grey-haired man gave her a soft smile.

"Annie? What a pretty name," he stated. "I'm Matt. It's nice to officially meet you."

"What do you mean?" she blurted.

"I've seen you in the building, but I never got the chance to talk to you before today," he replied. "I'm happy to make your aquaintence."

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