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Unfairly Jailed

by Anonymous | Score: 6050

Malorie's vision blurred as tears filled them while she watched her son, her baby, be taken away. The judged had ruled her son guilty of murder. But, Jerry could never do that. He had to be innocent! A glint caught her eye from across the room, she looked over and it was a man with a very shiny wristwatch. Malorie didn't recognize him, so he had to be some kind of lawyer. He had sunglasses on and was hiding in the back of the room. If he was a lawyer or some legal man, wouldn't he be in the front of the room? Someone about the man put Malorie on edge. Who was he? 
Malorie left the courthouse and walked home. One her way home, she passed by an old art museum where a boring looking art historian was talking to a group of high schoolers for a tour.  She was contemplating how her son could be arrested for murder. It couldn't of been him. Someone had to of framed him.  She needed to figure out how. She entered her house and started cleaning like she always does when she is stressed. 
Who would frame her son of murder? She asked herself while putting away a bottle of syrup she had with pancakes that morning. She had to do something about it, she couldn't just stand by. The victim of the murder was a college girl. The college was all the way across the city and she wasn't near Malorie's house at the time of the murder. A drunken sailor visiting family was the one who had found her. He had called the cops right away and there was a big commotion over the girl. It had made the news because the scene was gruesome. A bank robbery had happened that day too, but no one remembered it because it was overshadowed by the murder.

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Character A dull art historian
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Words Reach 200 words
Prop Include a bottle of syrup
Character A drunk sailor
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Event A bank is robbed

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