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Fire on the Ridgeline

by Annie Halpin | Score: 1300

The fire had taken oxygen and quickly fueled itself the trees where dry from the drought and tinder-like.
David ran inside to alert his father who grabbed his shovel and asked him to get his they would dig the perimeter already prepared,before leaving the kitchen he called to his wife Sam to call the Fire-Brigade which was stationed a fair distance from their placement. Unfortunately there was a wind 
today that assisted the blaze it was some miles North of them but Barney knew how quickly these traversed from the corner of his eye he saw billows of black smoke probably old tires or some fuel his neighbor kept in his top paddock. These spontaneous burns did not happen often but it had been dry for some long even broken glass reflected from grass may have triggered it.

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Event The air turns black all around
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Letter Use the letter Y
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