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Around the block

by Sauncie | Score: 4850

Holding the gun james demanded money from the te. ller. He thought robbing a bank would be easier. With Xavier yelling at him to hurry, it was only a matter of minuets before the police got there. the teller got only 1000 dollars in the bag before they had to leave. the two men jumped in the car, heading to their hide out under the shop. Soon winter would hit. it was predicted to be long and colder this year than any other year recorded. a James wife was in the kitchen making eggs for breakfast. The two men never thought theyd be robbing a bank by sunset today. James was a marketing director. Xavier was a gambler. he was in a bad way with alot of people. "Xavier" yelled Ellanore from the kitchen. at that moment and Earthquake hit. Xavier was scared for his life. He grabbed on to an bar clamped to the door way. Xavier yelled from the hall way are you guys okay?! Jennifer a bank clerk that worked down the road stopped at the bar to get drunk. she had  had a bad week so far. he son lost his soccer ball that morning before school. and on top of everything else someone hacked her computer the day before. After everything her husband blamed her! she just couldent understand

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Begin Start typing to begin
Event A bank is robbed
Words Reach 50 words
Character A superficial shop assistant
Event Winter is long and extremely cold
Letter Use the letter N
Prop Include an egg
Words Reach 100 words
Character A patient marketing director
Event An earthquake hits
Prop Include a clamp
Letter Use the letter X
Character A drunk bank clerk
Letter Use the letter I
Words Reach 200 words
Prop Include a soccer ball
Event A computer is hacked

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