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Who's dumb now

by Not important | Score: 1250

"Okay, that's it," mumbled Evelyn as she put on her coat and stormed outside. This was the last time anyone would call her dumb, it happened one time too many. It was raining outside but the drops hitting her face didn't bother her, all she was thinking about was how to get back at the boys at school. Part of her wanted to play nice and just focus on getting smarter to prove them wrong, but right now she was too pissed off to listen to the angel on her shoulder. Cursing lightly she kicked a can of beer in her way, as she did so an idea popped into her head. It was a bad one that could get her in way too much trouble, but that was a concern for when she was done. With a fake overly excited voice she called the bullies, talking about a great party going on in the woods nearby, Time to put her plan into action.

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