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There was no reason for her to feel hopeless, nor was there any reason for her to wallow, but she really couldn’t help herself. It had been weeks since he left. Weeks since the last words she’d ever say to him were imprinted in her mind, only to be solidified ever day her hope for his return grew dimmer. 

She turned toward her desk. It was cluttered and just truly horrific. Organization was never a huge thing to her, but my god was this disgusting. Three mugs with various drinks littered the table. One mug had a paintbrush that she promised to touch soon enough. As soon as her pain dwindled enough for her to stand to face another day. 

Jaded, she did actually stand up. Just before that though, she closed the curtains that her mother insisted that she kept open. A little vitamin D for the soul heals all. If she had allowed herself to get close enough to the window for that to work, perhaps she’s thank her mother. But for now it was too bright and obtrusive. Emotional pain turning itself into physical pain was not exactly the route she felt like going down. 

Moving toward her door, she was blocked by her mother with a classic metal tray of food with a daisy placed precariously by the top. She knew that her mom carefully planned out it’s placement despite the relaxed outcome. Despite herself she lost some tension in her shoulders and a grin budged its way onto her face.

“I thought you might be hungry,” She said lowly with an unsure smile on her face. Nadia knew that she had been being unfair to her mother recently. If not her refusing any help, perhaps her atrocious attitude had finally begun to get to her mother.

“Thank you.” She said, looking away from her mother, and at the stray portraits in her corner. “Thanks.”

The smile she received was so real it hurt. 

“Anytime, baby.”

Behind her was the life of the house. A radio blared

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