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Alien Invansion

by Anonymous | Score: 2650

"Of course, there's no real reason to be prepared for an alien attack"

"You. Are. Insane." 

"I am not!" Lukas exclaimed. "An alien attack is imminent. We are not alone in the universe. It's practically impossible for us to be alone. Did you know that"

"I don't care how many planets there are in the universe, Lukas." I gave the barista a tip and walked out of the quaint coffee shop, smoothie in hand. "You've told me a billion times."

He hurried after me with his latte. "Why do you not care about the imminent danger of the sky falling?!"

"Okay, Chicken Little. Calm down."

"I am not that crazy! The end is indeed near!"

"Oh my god."

"No one will save us from death, or enslavement of the entire human race!"

I stopped and put a hand to his forehead. "Are you doing okay? You feel a little warm..."

He slapped my hand away with a glare. "I am doing fine, you jerk."

I giggled and continued to walk down the sidewalk towards my apartment. When we got to my building, I noticed a very confused looking delivery driver. 

"Excuse me, miss?" The driver asked, pointing to the building. "Is this 1918 Billiveard?"

"Yes, it is. Why do you want to know?" 

"Well, you see, this is where I'm supposed to meet Dram. He's the Demon's head. The leader of our clan on Kikald."

Lukas snapped his fingers, covered in thick gloves to protect his artist's fingers from the cold winter of Chicago. 

"Which apartment are you looking for?" I asked, ignoring my friend.

He looked down to his piece of paper. "Uhm, 4D."

I winced. Hank Williams lives in that apartment. He's a touchy basketball coach who never seems to have a dry face. 

"Listen, I'd love to take you to him, but"


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