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The Package

by Lilly Westwood | Score: 2700

I hear the doorbell ring. It's here. Finally! I race as fast as my legs will carry me to the door. Sweaty and panting, I pull on the handle. "Hi!" I say to the delivery man. "Is this my package?"
He looks me up and down, then proceeds to say, "Well, yes. Why else would I be delivering it to your house?"
I nearly facepalmed. I've never been this awkward around another human before. Conversation had actually always come naturally to me. Not now, however, when I knew my shiny, stainless-steel tongs were waiting for me in that cardboard box. 
"Yeah, um, sorry. I've just been waiting for this package for quite a bit. I wanted to make sure it wasn't delivered to the wrong house. You know how that can happen sometimes."
"Ok... you are Margo Ross, right?" The delivery man asks.
My heart sinks into my shoes. It's not my package. My beautiful, shimmering tongs weren't here. I reluctantly try to force myself to say that no, I'm not Margo Ross. But the words won't come out. I can't make myself say it.
We stand in awkward silence for a minute. Finally, the man gets too uncomfortable and tells me, "You know what? I have more deliveries to make. Why don't you just take this, and no one has to know if you're Margo Ross or not?" Before even hearing my response, he shoves the box into my arms and scurries off my porch. 
"Well, then," I mutter to myself. "I guess I have a package that is not tongs."
I walk back inside and shut the door. I'm not sure exactly what to do with Margo Ross's delivery. My first thought is to open it. I've always been sel

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