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(Funny Run)" Racc Drinking Game"

by Anonymous | Score: 2500

One afternoon when coming home from work, Racc proceeded to bring out his special "drink" and start the annual "Racc Drinking Game". the rules are as follows, One every time you say fuck, drink Two, every time you go on a tangent, drink, Three every time you either get interrupted or interrupt others, drink, Four, every time you reference Americans as being inferior beings(as opposed to Canadians of course the superior force of mankind, lol), drink, Five, every time you are nice to Nora and then immediately tell her to stfu, drink, Six every time you mentions work experiences, drink, finally Seven, every time you talk about maple syrup, drink. After being out his "drinks" Racc joined a voice chat call with fellow members of the discord server and procceded to have conversation, however because the Racc drinking game was specifically made for him it includes all the things that Racc specifically does so he almost definitely lost the drinking game immediately. So then by the end of this "fun" game Racc was so drunk that he fell into a drunken coma for 6 weeks and there was almost an eternal silence for the whole period. The Just a lesson for today is within the psa, just a psa for today, kids do not under any circumstances do the RACC DRINKING GAME ever even in adulthood, try not to drink. the end.

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