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Intresting Article What Do YOU think?

by AB | Score: 1600

What does one talk about to reach the limit of 50 words trying to write an article.  Articles come in so many shapes and sizes.  The body of them can be either thin or fat meaning either with substance or without it.  What do you think I could write about.

Alot of the times articles can have nothing really interesting to say about anything.  The start maybe with something you believe to be interesting but when you go down into the bone to suck out the marrow there is no marrow there.  You actually find the bone is an empty shell waiting to just be cracked open to show it's hollowness.  I can not stand reading information and finding out there isn't anything there for me suck on or suck out.   The author of the article has left me with just the bare minimum for anyone to be their teeth into and that would leave the reader in complete tears.  What would you do if this happened to you cry, get angry, tear the place down with vengence or what?  I am sure many people with do either of those just mentioned or may be even worst.  Like what you may say but there could just burn down the actual pile of books they have or articles they have kept that were written by that author.  I leave you to make up your own minds.

Well if I had to write using the letter Q for this article I p

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