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Squirrel Man

by Frocco | Score: 1600

He sat on the bench, reading his paper and feeding the occasional squirrel that inquired. A lady with a pair of binoculars walked the grounds occasionally scoping a starling or tanniger, but she didn't seem too intent. On more than one occasion, she'd glance at the man on the bench, letting her gaze linger there. She'd drop her binoculars to her side and reach into her pockets, perhaps looking for her bird log. Eventually, she tired of birding and came over to the man. Before she sat down, she extracted a pair of safety goggles and donned them. She sat at the far end of the bench and smoothed her dress. A slight shop assistant passed them as he walked down the path. The woman inquired of the squirrel-feeding man if he'd ever seen the shop assistant before. "Do you recognize that fellow?" she inquired. The squirrel feeder just stared at her, her with those safety goggles sitting so righteously upon her nose. Eventually, he shook her head as he extracted a bag of peanuts from his backpack. He pinched a single shelled peanut from the bag cracked it open. Popping one of the nuts into his mouth, he took the other and dropped it at his feet. "Don't you 

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