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by Elena | Score: 2000

"how the hell did you find me?" the young man complained annoyed.
"don't throw a hissy fit pretty boy. You're not that hard to track down." the smirk that was sent his way was borderline maniac. 
"I know you tracked me, the question I'm asking is HOW you did it." he seemed absolutely furious at the woman in front of him. She was a few heads shorter than him (which was no surprise given the fact he was 6,9), but her height bore no disadvantage whatsoever. She stood fierce and strong, every inch and muscle as intimidating as the other. 
A lazy Smirk played around her pale lips, the only sign that the last few weeks had gotten to her as well.
"well, I didn't actually track you. I used the satellite connection on your phone to locate you. Obviously. Wasn't that hard anyway. You should really try to conceal your location more, pretty boy. Anyone could get to you."
"dont smartmouth me, viper. No one ever got to me except you. It takes a lot to track me down so you must either be really well equipped and have a lot of high ranking contacts or... You're an exceptionally good hacker." his voice raised at the end, suggesting the unasked question. 
"well, pick your poison," she winked. 
A wicked mouth. And an even more wicked brain. He admired that, and he liked it. A lot. 
"who are you and why haven't I made your aqquaintace yet if you're all that good? You must be well known." 
"my name is not important. But I can tell you something about me. I have an IQ of 179. I think that says a lot about me." 
She smiled. 

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