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by Anonymous | Score: 1950

She looked like an angel as I caught her in my arms. Looking around frantically i call a guard to assist me. " Your highness were shall i put her." " Take her to my room and bring the royal physian" grabbing his arm i say, " and tell no one of this!" He takes her from my arms and i feel a deep weight on my heart. Something about her....... Wht was it that made me feel so drawn with love for ,yet torn. I began to look around for any evidence above me where she had fallen from the sjy. In ethera it was normal for certain people faires to get drunk and fall from tress and off their fairy dust trail, but she was human. I reach for my pack and secure my hand on some tongs to look around the place. As a royal it is deemed as improper to touch things with our bare hands. I reach for the pixie dust i have stored in my robe and flick it on me. The dust carries me up and as i float in the air i notice a red pouch. Exuding with interest i grab the tongs and use them to pick it up.  As i hit the ground i notice that the emblem has 

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