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A bad astronomer

by M | Score: 3200

Robert stumbled into the wooden table, knocking several empty glasses over and managing to catch the eye of just about everyone in the pub.
"S-sorry." He mumbled picking up the glasses and steadying the table. "I've just seen the most amazing shooting star. I got it on camera. I can't quite believe it, it's knocked me for six." He was smiling down at the group of 20 somethings that were staring back at him.
"They don't care, mate." A slurring voice from the next table added, laughing.
"Actually," a young scruffy-looking guy added. "I do care." He turned back to the man and added. "Can I see?"
Robert sat down next to the young man with small round glasses and opened his bag to retrieve the camera. Hands shaking, the contents of his bag spilt onto the floor as he fought to free his camera. Lenses, notebooks and various pens and brushes spilling out onto the floor.
He powered it up and pointed the screen towards the table of curious-looking youths with which he sitting. 
"Holy shit." The young man took it from his hand. "That's not a star, that's a fucking missile." 

Huge rumbles shook through the shins of the legs firmly planted on the pub floor. Large bangs echoed from the distance. 

Robert snatched his camera back, looking at the image. It was clear now why he was so struck. 

The windows of the pub shattered, everyone diving to the floor and under the tables, the air conditioner by the entrance sucking in shards of glass and glugging to a halt.

Sandy winds blew in like a great storm as some of the patrons tried to shake the glass out of their hair.

Robert really

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Begin Start typing to begin
Words Reach 50 words
Letter Use the letter L
Event Someone is drunk
Character A passionate astrologer
Words Reach 100 words
Prop Include a paintbrush
Words Reach 200 words
Letter Use the letter C
Event War is declared
Prop Include an air conditioner

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